Bonifacio and Southern Corsica

The limestone cliffs of Bonifacio and its dream beaches

Discover Bonifacio's area

Welcome to the Araguina! We offer a camping area and fully equipped bungalows available from April to October in Bonifacio Southern Corsica. Located 2 hours drive from Bastia, 3 hours drive from Ajaccio, less than 30min from Figari airport and 200 meters from boarding to Santa Teresa.

From our campsite you can walk to:
Bonifacio’s marina and all its shops (shops, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacy)
The Lavezzi’s trip
The Citadel and its monuments
The Strada Vecchia footpath: Catena’s cove, Fazzio’s cove, Paraguan’s beach, Madonetta and Capu di Fenu lighthouses.
the Campu Rumanilu footpath: Three Pointe’s beach, St Antoine’s beach, Pertusatu lighthouse.

You can also enjoy the beaches of : Spérone (5km), Tonnara (6.5km), Cala Longa (6km), Sant'Amanza and Maora (7km).


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